New Potato Curry




This is an excellent way to cook new potatoes. They cook slowly, almost in their own juices, in a curry-flavored sauce. It’s a great side dish, but you can also serve it as a main course along with a bowl of dal and a green vegetable. It also makes a delicious summer meal accompanied by a garden salad.

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Tagine of Squash and Chickpeas with Mushrooms


I love the unusual combination of flavorings in this dish. The tastes of the cinnamon and ginger really come through, and the  bittersweet mixture of lemon and honey, with a sprinkling of currants, adds a perfect finish.  Serve this over whole-grain couscous to complement the Middle Eastern flavors.  Add spinach or Swiss chard to complete the meal.

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Red Beans and Greens


Few meals could be more healthful than this delicious combination of hot leafy greens over flavorful beans. If you’re cooking for a smaller group, make the full quantity of beans, spoon off what is needed, and serve with the appropriate quantity of cooked greens. Refrigerate or freeze the leftover beans for another meal.

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Arugula-Laced Caramelized Onion Sauce


I love the bittersweet flavor of caramelized onions but on the stovetop caramelizing onions is a laborious process of slow, constant stirring. Made in the slow cooker, caramelized onions require almost no attention. In this recipe, I have added sugar to the onions to ensure deeper flavor. Serve this luscious sauce over whole grain pasta, polenta or grits. Complete the meal with a tossed green salad topped with shredded carrots for a splash of healthy color.

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Mixed Vegetables in Spicy Peanut Sauce



Here’s one way to get kids to eat their vegetables, so long as they don’t have peanut allergies – cook them in a spicy sauce made from peanut butter and add a garnish of chopped roasted peanuts. All you need to add is some steaming rice or brown rice noodles.

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Creamy Onion Soup with Kale


There is no cream in this delicious soup – unless you decide to drizzle a bit over individual servings as a finishing touch. The creaminess is achieved with the addition of potatoes, which are puréed into the soup, providing it with a velvety texture.

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Miso-Spiked Vegetable Soup with Barley

Here’s a hearty vegetable soup that’s the perfect antidote to a blustery day. The addition of miso adds robustness and a hint of complexity that is often lacking in simple vegetable soups. Serve this with your favorite sandwich for a delicious soup and sandwich meal.Continue reading