Pregnancy and Nutrition

A baby arrives in the world not in “utter nakedness” to borrow from the poet Wordsworth, but “trailing clouds” of past experience in the form of programming, some of which took place even before it was conceived.  Nutrition played a key role in creating you, not only while you were a fetus, but also well after you were born.  And while you were in the womb, a wide variety of other factors contributed to your development.  They include the lifestyles of both your parents, even before you were conceived, and events that were beyond their control, such as flu epidemics, war, famine and natural disasters — even terrorist attacks.

How much did these various factors influence the person you became?  We don’t have definitive cause-and-effect answers to that question, but we do know that the quality of your prenatal life had a major influence on your health and well-being as an adult. Overall, how you grew and developed during this time will impact your health for decades to come.


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