Making Chile Sauce

Icelandic Salt Cellars


Speaking of Iceland… these are saltcellars I picked up in Reykjavik. I love their whimsical, other-worldly designs. I have Icelandic sea salt in both – a smoked version on the left. Guess I’m missing that fantastical island today…

Cuban-Style Hash with Fried Plantains

This take on picadillo, a classic Cuban dish, is a fabulous weeknight meal — it makes a large serving and you don’t
need to serve anything else. Make it the night before you intend to serve it because the flavors will improve.

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Blackberry Peach Cobbler

This recipe is an adaptation of one that appeared in Gourmet magazine. It’s an absolutely mouth-watering dessert for late summer when these luscious fruits are at their peak.  The advantage to making it in the slow cooker, rather than in the oven, is that you can be doing other things while it cooks to perfection.


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