Romesco Sauce


This classic Catalan sauce is often thickened with fried bread; here, I have used almonds, which are also traditional and make the recipe gluten-free.  Romesco sauce is a wonderful finish for grilled fish and seafood (especially shrimp), poultry and meat (especially pork) and even vegetables. It is actually a slight variation on a sauce served in the province of Tarragona in Catalonia, where it stars in an annual celebration along with a local onion known as the calcot.

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Traditional Coleslaw




There is nothing fancy about this coleslaw – it’s the kind our mothers used to make. Here we’ve added some caraway seeds to bump up the flavor and made a jalapeño pepper an option for those who like a bit of heat.

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Moroccan-Style Couscous Stuffing


This deliciously different stuffing is wonderful with roast chicken or even whole boned fish. I like to use it to stuff a large capon, which I roast and serve as a splendid Sunday dinner. Vegans can use it as a stuffing for roasted bell peppers or eggplant

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Down-Home Tomatoes with Okra


This is a great side dish. A particularly mouthwatering combination of flavors, it makes a perfect accompaniment to grilled meat, fish or seafood. Leftovers make a delicious filling for an omelet.


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Fennel Braised with Tomatoes


Here’s a perfectly luscious side dish that makes a great companion for grilled or roasted fish and meats or a splendid topping for hot whole grains such as wheat berries, barley or brown rice. The gratin variation, which adds a fancy finish and nice texture, is particularly attractive on a buffet table.


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New Orleans Braised Onions


I call these New Orleans onions because I was inspired by an old Creole recipe for Spanish onions. In that version, the onions are braised in beef stock enhanced by the addition of liquor such as bourbon or port. After the onions are cooked, the cooking juices are reduced and herbs, such as capers or fresh thyme, may be added to the concentrated sauce. In my opinion, this simplified version is every bit as tasty. If your guests like spice, pass hot pepper sauce at the table.


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Cumin Beets


I love the simple, but unusual and effective combination of flavors in this dish, which is inspired by Indian cuisine. It’s my favorite way of cooking small summer beets fresh from the garden because I don’t have to heat up my kitchen with a pot of simmering water on the stove top. If you prefer a spicy dish, add hot pepper sauce, to taste, after the beets have finished cooking.

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